Domestic RO Service Solution ORO RO TERO


ORO RO Present TERO RO Water Purifier . TERO RO water Purifier have new Mineraliser and PH Enhancer Technology . TERO + RO water Purifier Have 10 stage Purification by RO+ Alkaline .

    Product Details:

    10 Stages Purification to get Pure, Safe & Healthy Water.
    Dry cut-off mechanism.
    High capacity booster pump for higher flow rate.
    6 Litres storage tank for purified water.
    Elegant design.
    Fully automatic.
    Food grade cabinet.
    12-15 Ltr/Hr purification capacity.
    Removes Bacteria, Viruses and Cysts.
    Available in two colours.
    One year onsite warranty.

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